Fun Fabric on #Friday!

Hello my fabulous Friday-lovin friends!

I’ve been following Mollie of “Wild Olive” for a few years now over at

I love how very creative Mollie is! Not only that but she makes being creative so simple.

After being in Japan, I uber love her “kawaii” style. Kawaii is “cute” in Japanese.

Who doesn’t NEED a rainy day bean bag game?!?!?!

The fun doesn’t stop there!  Mollie also has an etsy shop over at  You can find all sorts of crafty goodness including these guys~

Owl Recipe Cards- Wild Olive-
Owl Recipe Cards- Wild Olive- Wild Olive Etsy Shop

But wait there is MORE! MOLLIE LOVES JESUS TOO!!!
Wild Olive’s Printable Cupcake Flags

There is soooooo much more so…

RUN to her website at  

Let her know Ms Orange sent ya!







Planner life coach


Person- I’m so thankful for Coach Jennie! She is so “reals”, giving & a great inspiration as a life coach. I hope to be able to serve my clients even just a fraction of how much she serves her clients!

What I think is the craziest is that she doesn’t “fit” my “normal” peeps mold but she is a beautiful person!

Place- Edwards, CA– I love and am thankful for 95% sunny skies, low humidity & warm temps.

Thing- Book- The Prosperous Coach– Another fantastical example of how to highly serve my people & have a “job” where I can truly make a difference and help people.

 You have been challenged & now it’s your turn… What is just one thing you are grateful for today?

For my dear overachievers (like myself), what person, place & thing are you most grateful for today?