-I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know what my issue is!

Perfect! No really! This is exactly where I can help! We will break up all that “noise” and you will have a clear action plan for moving forward. I like to keep it simple for my busy clients.

-Is this the “woo woo voo doo” stuff?

I’m not into the “woo woo voo doo” stuff. I’m a trained Life Coach and help people without cards or candles.  We’ll be working on what YOU want to work on. I’m not a therapist, though you get to talk about whatever you want. We may touch on history only if it is to benefit you, otherwise we will be focusing on your future & your dreams.

-I don’t know if Life Coaching is right for me.

It isn’t if you aren’t prepared to follow your dreams & step up big!!  I completely understand that Life Coaching may be a purple elephant to some.  This is exactly why I offer a FREE Sip Session- Clarity Session (Valued at $300!!).  No obligation, I’ll coach you just like I do my paying clients.  You won’t know unless you try.

-Can I just try it out first?

Yeppers! Contact me today GoMsOrange@gmail.com to set up your FREE Sip Session- Clarity Session (Valued at $300!).  We’ll do some talking (online or on the phone).  Either way, I wish nothing but the best for you.

-Isn’t Life Coaching just glorified friends?

Um… no. Imagine having someone who is there to serve you, confidential & has NO other motive other to help you be the best version of yourself! I’m not afraid to call you out IF it will be to your own benefit.

-Is this a safe place?

Absolutely!  That’s my favorite part! There is nothing better than a person with whom you can get all that crazy stuff out of your head and it will never EVER be shared with anyone. No judgement either!!  Now I gotta say, the confidentiality may be dissolved if I believe with my whole being that there are plans to harm others or yourself.  Seriously… legally I have to report that kind of  stuff. Forgetting all the legalness, I want to sleep at night knowing that I have served my clients with my entire being.


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