How I Conquered Plastic Bags!

We all love them…. Plastic bags…. NOT!


 California has passed a law directly dealing with these nuisances! (Check out this article for more information: California Bag Law )

If you are like me, you have a ton of them







Some great uses for plastic bags in our house include:

  • Dog Poo
  • Bathroom Trash
  • Kids’ Room Trash
  • Muddy Shoes
  • Wet (clean or not so clean) clothes
  • Trash bag in the Swagger Wagon (minivan)
  • The list really is endless.


One day while cleaning house, it hit me.

I’m recycling these and keeping as many as will fit into my bag dress. They are all over under the bathroom sink, in the van…. There has to be a better way to contain these things.  I’ve seen before people filling the plastic cleaning wipes containers but I don’t buy those and the benefits of purchasing them didn’t outweigh the disadvantages.


 Bags 4


Wait a minute!

 I recycle this and these…. wonder how many bags I can shove into the paper towel holder.




10 plastic bags all snug in a rug.

Perfection…. no. Progress & going one step further is my aim.

I will need to decorate this…. Any ideas???!!??!

Bags 2