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The time has arrived for the relaunching of my entrepreneurial journey!

I’m going from home-school mom into using my Life Coach Certifications to encourage women to be the best version of themselves!

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How to Cringe Less When You Hear the Words, “What’s for Dinner?”

What if there was an easy answer to “What’s for Dinner?” What if it became such a routine that you didn’t have to think about it but once a week?

Grown-ups, does your family really have to eat every day?

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I don’t know about you but my family seems to think they are supposed to eat EVERY DAY! You would think I would get on board with this idea and actually plan out what I was going to make. After being married for almost 15 years (October), I still don’t have a system for meals/menu planning. Why is this? Would it really reduce my stress when the kids ask, “What’s for dinner?”

Why have I resisted for this long? My nature has me rebelling before I have even thought of the situation, this happens in all aspects of my life. Someone tells me, “You should wash your clothes every week.” Instantly I’m thinking, “NO, I shouldn’t! I should do what I want! You can’t boss me around!”. But what if…

What if we could develop a simple menu planning system that would reduce our stress, inform everyone what’s for dinner & even save us some cash at the store? We wouldn’t have to tell anyone that we developed said system. Hmmmm…

If we were to hypothetically develop a simple menu planning system, how would we go about doing that? What if we set a timer for 5 minutes and start writing all the main dishes our family has on a regular basis. Then set it again for 5 minutes and do sides. We’d have a list of typical meals for our house, and we didn’t have to over think anything. Alrighty! Let’s add an element of fun. Gather 2 containers, cut “mains” into individual strips and put into one container. Do the same for the “sides” and put in the other container. Now have the kids choose one of each and write it down for each day of the week.

We now have a week’s/month’s/couple days’ worth of meals! We can then set the timer for 5-10 minutes and write out our grocery list. A little bit of work, but the time spent with the kids may be worth it! After we go to the store we’ll have everything on hand that we need to make said meals & we are free to choose any one that we want!

What do you think? Do you think this is worth the effort? Does the timer create more stress or less stress for you? Do you have any creative ideas to accomplish the same mission of knowing what’s for dinner, having everything on hand & maybe just maybe not cringing each time you hear, “Ma, what’s for dinner?”?

I’d love to hear from you! Visit this post over at and leave a comment or 12.

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Ms Orange

Kimberly spends her days looking for new ways to help busy women be more productive, live intentionally & rebel against the “norms”. She works one-on-one with women all over the world who want to live their lives and not have their lives live them. She is a veteran, military spouse, mom, depression & anxiety butt-kickin ninja & has released 190 pounds through self-awareness and healthy choices.


Fun Fabric on #Friday!

Hello my fabulous Friday-lovin friends!

I’ve been following Mollie of “Wild Olive” for a few years now over at

I love how very creative Mollie is! Not only that but she makes being creative so simple.

After being in Japan, I uber love her “kawaii” style. Kawaii is “cute” in Japanese.

Who doesn’t NEED a rainy day bean bag game?!?!?!

The fun doesn’t stop there!  Mollie also has an etsy shop over at  You can find all sorts of crafty goodness including these guys~

Owl Recipe Cards- Wild Olive-
Owl Recipe Cards- Wild Olive- Wild Olive Etsy Shop

But wait there is MORE! MOLLIE LOVES JESUS TOO!!!
Wild Olive’s Printable Cupcake Flags

There is soooooo much more so…

RUN to her website at  

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Planner life coach


Person- I’m so thankful for Coach Jennie! She is so “reals”, giving & a great inspiration as a life coach. I hope to be able to serve my clients even just a fraction of how much she serves her clients!

What I think is the craziest is that she doesn’t “fit” my “normal” peeps mold but she is a beautiful person!

Place- Edwards, CA– I love and am thankful for 95% sunny skies, low humidity & warm temps.

Thing- Book- The Prosperous Coach– Another fantastical example of how to highly serve my people & have a “job” where I can truly make a difference and help people.

 You have been challenged & now it’s your turn… What is just one thing you are grateful for today?

For my dear overachievers (like myself), what person, place & thing are you most grateful for today?


How I Conquered Plastic Bags!

We all love them…. Plastic bags…. NOT!


 California has passed a law directly dealing with these nuisances! (Check out this article for more information: California Bag Law )

If you are like me, you have a ton of them







Some great uses for plastic bags in our house include:

  • Dog Poo
  • Bathroom Trash
  • Kids’ Room Trash
  • Muddy Shoes
  • Wet (clean or not so clean) clothes
  • Trash bag in the Swagger Wagon (minivan)
  • The list really is endless.


One day while cleaning house, it hit me.

I’m recycling these and keeping as many as will fit into my bag dress. They are all over under the bathroom sink, in the van…. There has to be a better way to contain these things.  I’ve seen before people filling the plastic cleaning wipes containers but I don’t buy those and the benefits of purchasing them didn’t outweigh the disadvantages.


 Bags 4


Wait a minute!

 I recycle this and these…. wonder how many bags I can shove into the paper towel holder.




10 plastic bags all snug in a rug.

Perfection…. no. Progress & going one step further is my aim.

I will need to decorate this…. Any ideas???!!??!

Bags 2


Awesome women & Christian blog bloggers
#ThankfulThursday is a Thursday post or linked up blog party for moms, women, Christians, & other awesome people.

Good Morning!

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

This is a brand new concept for Grateful Chick & I. We are very excited to dive into blogging and share our ups and downs with you all. Maybe you’ll get a chuckle or two out of this adventure.

For the first couple weeks we’re going to try our party this way:

-#ThankfulThursday will go live on (for now) Wednesday evenings (sometime).

What do I do Ms Orange?

-If you want to play, just write up a post in your own blog.

Copy the URL (the web address) and post it in a comment on that Thursday’s post.

Uhhhhhhhh…… Wait…… what???

-If that sounds like another language, post on Facebook, your blog, an email, or even a piece of paper.

Let the world know where we can go to read said post.


-Comment on at least one other person’s post.


~The purpose of our blogs is to be reals & share our hearts.

~We want to continuously remind ourselves of how very blessed we are.

~We are working on consistency in posting to our blog because it lines up with our life goals.

~Encourage one another. Constructive improvement ideas are welcome as we’re all growing.  Just do it in love.


Progress NOT perfection my friends!

I Deleted My Entire Website!!


Hello to my favorite Awesomites!!

Getting things up and going… while working on establishing consistency.

Trying to find a website layout that is clean, fun and colorful.  I had one set up but….. well…… I accidentally deleted the entire website!!!  :-O


Yep… not kidding. So this shows you that I am working AGAIN from the beginning.

On a fun note~ Check out this cute graphic… doesn’t he make you happy???

What is something that you see that just makes you smile?  

Have you ever deleted your entire website before?

Comment below!